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All issues having to do with Bluetooth Foot Pedals
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Re: First Gen iPad user

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I have a PageFlip pedal which used to work with earlier versions of IGigbook on an iPad 1st Gen, as did the iGBPager app. With the latest version of IGigBook which is available on a 1st Gen iPad (1.95) both of these have stopped working. Is it possible to revert to an earlier version (1.87?) to get this functionality back? Or can you tweak the 1.95 version to restore this functionality that was working in earlier versions? I only use my ipad for iGigBook and it seems a bit much to be expected to shell out for new hardware just to get back what was working properly in the software beforehand. Thanks

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Re: First Gen iPad user

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It's not possible to go back to 1.87, that version won't be able to download data from the current database. There is a problem with 1.95 and bluetooth pedals i.e. it doesn't work and we can't really do anything to fix that since it has been addressed starting with version 2.0 of iGigBook and iOS 7 and greater offers native detection of keyboard events.

iGigBook Pager version 2.1 does work with iGigBook version 1.95 on a 1st gen iPad, just tested it prior to writing this message. You may have to make sure that Server Mode is off on the iPad and Client Mode is off on the iPhone/iPod.
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