Air turn BT 105 working again...

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Air turn BT 105 working again...

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Hey other BT 105 Airturn users,

I just updated to the latest version of iGigbook and have been in something of a panic over the fact that my BT 105 Airturn pedal stopped working after the update. I power cycled both the iPad and the pedal several times with no luck. The frustration thickened when I checked the pedal and found it was still working fine with other score reader page turn apps (such as Steinway's "Etude" app).

Elsewhere in this forum Phil suggests toggling the bluetooth pedal "enable" button from the default slider position of "on" position to "off", and then back to "on" again. This did the trick for me. I went to the settings app (as in.. Apple's settings app, the one with the gears on everybody's 1st page of app icons), and scrolled down to iGigbook's settings. I found the "bluetooth pedal" setting which was in the default "Enable: on" position. I turned it to "Enable: off". I powered down my iPad. I then turned my iPad back on again, and again went back to the Apple settings app... scrolled down to iGigbook app's settings and turned the bluetooth pedal setting to "Enable: on", and my BT 105 started working right away. I hope this works for you.

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Re: Air turn BT 105 working again...

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Thank you, that ended an hour of frustration for me!!

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