Airturn BT-105 issues? This might help.

All issues having to do with Bluetooth Foot Pedals
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Airturn BT-105 issues? This might help.

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Anyone having airturn issues should watch the full tutorial video first. ... rial-video

NOTE: My Airturn now controls page forward and page back in GigSet OR bookview when the Airturn is set to iPad mode 3. The video above explains how to reset things.

I couldn't get my Airturn BT-105 to do anything in iGigbook for about an hour until I did all of the following. I hope this helps you all.

The Airturn is properly connected with bluetooth. Bluetooth is enabled in the iGigbook settings. I also toggled this on/off/on and reset my device to be safe as recommended here viewtopic.php?f=24&t=881.

I'm in Gig Set List mode and tapping the Airturn, but it doesn't advance forward a page in the book or set, or do anything at all. The Airturn does light up as if it's sending signals though.

I've tried every suggestion in the Airturn manual including:
Trying mode 3 for iPad (up, down) and mode 1 PC/MAC (pgup, pgdown). I know it's supposed to be iPad, but I tried it to be safe.
Exiting all applications and restarting iGigbook.
Resetting network settings.

I'm on the latest iGigbook version (1.87).

Note that if you open a new book the page turner won't turn pages for about 2-4 seconds. I think it has to fully load the book into memory first. This is probably variable based on book size. So, it might be working, but just give it a quick second before thinking it's broken!

Somehow, it all started working after all of this. I'm not sure what actually fixed it, but wanted to provide all the steps I did to help anyone else who is stuck.

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