A few questions

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A few questions

Post by JEN1111 »

four questions before we purchase:

1. I see I can import a PDF of my own music. Can I import several at one time or do they need to be done individually?

2. Can I share content with an Android user that has iGigBook - NOT just a set list. In other words if I send a set list will he get the individual sheets. If not, can I still share my pdfs with him individually? or must we have the same type tablet?

3. I see if I purchase the APP I can share with band members - I'm guessing if I get iOS I can only share with other iOS - not Android??

4. You're clear about the jazz content and we like that. But we also play rock/pop standards like Beatles, Stevie Wonder, U2, Cranberries, etc. How many of the over 85 fake books are in those genres. Do you have lists? Number of songs?

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Re: A few questions

Post by Phil Smith »

This How To describes the different ways you can import content into iGigBook: How To Add A PDF Book/Score To iGigBook

As for sharing you can share a set list with any iGigBook user, if you include the PDF content, that will just have a single PDF with all of the songs contained in that PDF. More information is available here: How To Use The Set List Sharing Feature

Here's a list of all of the indexes that we provide: Current PDF Book Index List
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