'Book Index Not Active'

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'Book Index Not Active'

Post by John_1310 »

I have recently upgraded to iOS6 and since the upgrade none of the indexing works - I get the message 'Book Index Not Active - Check my book settings to resolve'

I have logged into My books and they are all showing as active, so I don't know what to do. If I do a Song Search, all the entires show 'Orphaned Song Entry'. My Scores still works and I can see all the music in that area. Set lists that I have prepared before the upgrade are fine on my scores but for any song sheet that came from the indexed books shows as Orphaned Song Entry.

Any ideas on how I can recover the indexing of the books?


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Re: 'Book Index Not Active'

Post by Phil Smith »

Try following the steps outlined in the next to last post here:

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