Purchased i Gig Book and can not log in

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Purchased i Gig Book and can not log in

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For some reason I can not log into i Gig Book, tried all of our known email addresses and none of them are recognized to be able to reset the password. Have had the software on the iPad for a while and never got around to setting it up and using it. Just updated the ios on the iPad and the i Gig Book asked to be updated which it did but I can not log in because every username I have tried says not recognized. I apologize for not keeping better track of this. My regular email is {removed to thwart spammers}
I would be happy to provide you with all our known emails with gmail dot com or windstream dot net. Looking forward to using the product, thanks in advance for your help and assistance.

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Re: Purchased i Gig Book and can not log in

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The best thing to do is to register from the app again since you cannot remember what email addresss you used to register with initially. You could try using the lost password feature at http://www.igigbook.com. If you want to register again from the app follow these steps.

Copy the files from the iGigBook documents folder to a folder on your computer.
Delete the file AppState.plist if it is in that folder.
Uninstall the app.
Reinstall the app but do not run it.
Turn off wireless
Run the app and select the third icon at the top right of the Book List view to register, do not submit the form.
Turn on wireless
Return to the app and submit the form
Copy the files from your computer back to the iGigBook documents folder.
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