iPhone 7 plus surprisingly readable

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iPhone 7 plus surprisingly readable

Post by spinality »

I just installed iGigBook on a new iPhone 7 plus, and to my delight the large screen and high res make it a very usable reference. This phone is actually viable for gig use! (As long as I'm wearing my reading glasses.) Obviously it's not a substitute for a tablet display, but it will be good in a pinch, at a festival, in tight quarters, or as a way to reference two unrelated scores.

Just to confirm: I presume there is still no way to enable rotation of the iGigBook Mobile display to landscape, e.g. to rotate and zoom in on a few tricky measures (not for two-page display, obviously). I realize this has not been part of the design to date, but thought I'd check in case I'm missing something again. This large clear display would make such a feature useful.

Anyway, thanks again for such a great tool. I rely on iGigBook every night on the job, as I have since my first iPad 1.0.

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Re: iPhone 7 plus surprisingly readable

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No, no rotation, use it as you would an app like Instagram, portrait only. :D
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