How To Use iGigBook Metronome - Stand Alone Edition

Metronome for iPhone/iPod
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How To Use iGigBook Metronome - Stand Alone Edition

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iGigBook Metronome is a handy little app for working out tricky parts or for making sure the song is played at the correct tempo. It's a simple app but contains the core features that you expect in a metronome, like adjustable tempo, time signature, different rhythms, a tone generator and the ability to turn pages in iGigBook Sheet Music Manager after a specified number of bars.
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Metronome Options
  • Tempo - Adjust tempo by tapping the -/+ buttons or enter a tempo number.
  • Beats - Select the number of beats per measure by tapping the -/+ buttons or enter the number of beats. 4 beats per measure = 4/4, 3 beat per measure = 3/4, etc. The down beat has a different tone than other beats.
  • Number of Bars - Select the number of bars for the metronome to beat before stopping by tapping the -/+ buttons or enter the number of bars. You can use this option to create a "count off" or "lead in" to set the tempo prior to playing. You can also use this option along with Next Page to trigger a page turn after the number of bars has been reached.
  • Rhythm - Select the desired rhythm for each beat, each button indicates the type of rhythm played. Choose quarter notes, eight notes, eight note triplets, sixteenth notes, etc.
  • Mute - Enable to silence the metronome but keep it running.
  • Turn Page - When enabled and the number of bars has been reached a page turn is signaled.
  • Tap Tempo - Tap to set the tempo.
  • Start - Starts and stops the metronome.
  • Tone - Switches to the tone generator where you can select and play a tuning/drone note. Press PLAY to start the note, press STOP or BACK to end the note.
Not hearing sound from the metronome? Check your volume setting and also check the mute button in Control Center that swipes up from the bottom of the screen.

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