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Suggestions for improvement

Post by ilacad.erik » Fri Apr 08, 2016 2:16 am


Upon using the iGigBook on my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, here are my suggestions, if I may:

1. Tolerance for page turning (touch)

There's no problem with touching the upper third or lower third to turn pages, but I hope there would be some "tolerance" to it. For example, if I intend to turn to the next page, I would normally "tap" the lower third. However, sometimes, instead of a tap, maybe the device interpreted it as a very small swipe, hence not turning the page.
This is usually the case when I am turning pages while playing the piano. I hope that the app could still interpret a small swipe to be a page turn.

2. Page should not move when opening the upper toolbar.

When we press the middle third to access the toolbar, the whole page moves down. When reading a fakebook with usually small staves, this movement can confuse the user, "what line was I playing?"

If there is a purpose or benefit that the sheet should move along with the toolbar, maybe an option could be given to the user (on Preferences or Settings, perhaps) whether or not they want to use the steady sheet.

3. Omission of punctuations in search results.

This has been discussed with a previous poster, I'd just like to back it up. With the omission of the punctuations, this would make iGigBook very powerful. Probably permitting the use of wildcards ("*" & "?") will make this really powerful.

4. Folders in My Scores

Thanks for taking my input.



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