View song from one set list, add to different set list

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View song from one set list, add to different set list

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Here's a situation I have pretty frequently. At a gig or rehearsal, I'm playing a tune from one set list, which I've reached via Set View ==> song title. I then decide I want to add this same song to a different set list. (I play with many bands, each with multiple set lists for gigs, rehearsals, woodshedding, future lists, etc.)

When viewing a song this way (accessed via a set list, rather than by Song Search), there's no "+" icon for adding the song to a different set list. The operations available when viewing a song differ, based on how you got there.

So to continue my use case: I eventually add the tune the normal way -- either via Song Search or Set Manager. But at that point, I may not be sure which particular version I was looking at in the first set list. I may need to flip back and forth between views, to be sure I'm picking up the right chart. I have many different versions of most tunes, with different notations, keys, etc.

As with my other wish-list suggestions, this is a relatively minor need -- what we have today does the job. But when this does happen (once or twice a week) it's a distraction --, so I usually make a written or mental note to do it after the session. Then I forget about it until the next rehearsal.

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Re: View song from one set list, add to different set list

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Thank you for the feedback.
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