Competitive Apps with Search Feature for All Sets

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Competitive Apps with Search Feature for All Sets

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Dear Users,

I reached my limit of frustration with not being able to search for a song I saved to an iGigBook set unless I know what set I saved it to.

I had a long discussion with Mr. Smith on this forum about this - titled "Search Results for Songs In Sets" urging him to add this feature. Mr. Smith finally replied no one else has an interest in it and there are no plans to do anything about it. Then he locked the topic whatever that means.


I really don't understand - what is the point of spending 8 years scanning and organizing my library into iGigBook sets, when in the end, I can't search the sets for a song title? Mr. Smith advised it is somehow better not to have this feature and there is no interest among users to have it.

He did not explain why it is better not to have the feature, or how I should use iGigBook on a gig without it. To me it is insane. When I need to find a chart that I know I saved to one of my sets I have to scroll through all of my sets to find it and it takes forever. The only way I see to use iGigBook efficiently on a gig is to memorize my 20 sets, 1000 songs total, so I'll know which set I have to look in to find a particular song. I didn't get that together because I thought that is what my app was supposed to help me do - organize songs and find them, but not iGigBook evidently.

As I understand the developer is a production player. Maybe that is a factor why the app only allows for songs in sets to be played in a prearranged way and no search feature. But, the name is all wrong - needs to remove the word "Gig". To me it is useless for a Gigging musician.

As a result I'm looking for a different app - any iPad sheet music organizer that includes a feature to search all of my sets for a song. Can anyone recommend an app? Has anyone tried importing their iGigBook sets, book list and scores into another app?

Thanks, Greg

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