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Re: Bulk download

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jaelliott wrote:Ok. I have happily exited my Standards Real Book to fit the index. I ordered the pages correctly and added blank pages for missing pages. All works fine.

Then I exited my New Real Book 1 PDF to match the correct pages in the book. But all is not fine. boogie down is 6 pages long, but the index seems to think it is 4 pages long and all subsequent songs are 2 pages displaced in the index.

Could it be the NRB1 index is wrong?

The index is correct, the PDF you are using may still be missing pages prior to this tune. The best way to find out what you are missing is to start with the tune "Boogie Down" and go back page by page by tapping the top of the screen checking the page numbers at the top of each tune until you see a jump in the numbers.
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Re: Bulk download

Post by jaelliott »

My mistake. I had duplicate pages!

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Re: Bulk download

Post by williamjrosen »

For anthologies de grilles de jazz, here’s what i found, there are two versions, one is chord grids, fairly useless, but has an index that works closely when linked to igig. The other has the actual charts but no numbered index and is not supported by igig. This is really the one we want. However i did load the grid so that at least when i type in song search i will see if it’s in the anthologies. If i really want the sheet i at least know to go to the actual book in my goodreader PDF files and pull it up. Maybe someone knows a better solution. I also posted my method for getting pages to synchronize.

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