How To Topics Master List

Tips and Tutorials of how to get the most out of iGigBook
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How To Topics Master List

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The Fundamentals

Quick Start Guide For iGigBook Newbies

How To Add A PDF Book/Score To iGigBook

How To Navigate While Viewing A PDF Page

How To Export/Rename/Delete A PDF

How To Add Notes To Your Score

How To Create, Import and Manage Bookmarks

How To Download A PDF From The My Scores View

How To Import Photos Into iGigBook - iOS

How To Transfer Files Between Your Computer And Your iPad/iPhone

How To Take A Screenshot On Your iPad

How To Transfer Files Between Two iOS Devices Using AirDrop

How To Transfer iGigBook To A New iOS Device

How To Update To Version 6.5 - For iOS Versions Prior To 11

How To Purchase iGigBook For An iOS Version Prior To 11

How To Backup Your iGigBook Folder To Google Drive

Indexing Topics

New User Super Simple Index Tutorial!

Tutorial: Six Easy Steps For iGigBook Index Success

Current PDF Book Index List

Accessing MY.IGIGBOOK.COM (The Content Manager)

How To Add Indexes To Your Book List View

How To Remove Indexes From Your Book List View

Tutorial: iGigBook Index Linking 101

How To Use iGigBook Indexes

How To Adjust An Index To Fit Your PDF

How To Use a Single Index For Bb, C, Eb and Bass Books

Set List Topics

How To Use The Set List Manager

How To Add Songs To A Set List

How To Use The Gig Set Viewer

How To Use The Set List Sharing Feature

How To Export/Print a Set List Item

How To Send MIDI Events - iPad Only

How To Play Tracks From Your Music Library

D.C., D.S., Coda, Sign, Repeats

How To Use The Metronome - iPad Only

Additional Features

How To Scroll To The Next Page

How To Restore Purchases

How To Use The Chord Charts That Transpose

How To Get iGigBook Pager to work with iGigBook

How To Use Real Book CD ROMS With iGigBook for iOS

How To Purchase The Additional Features Pack

How To Get The 3 Bonus PDFs - iOS

How To Use The Cut And Paste Feature - iOS

How To Use The PDF Editor in iGigBook - iOS

How To Add/Delete Pages From A PDF - iOS

How To Create A PDF - iOS

How To View The Book List As Icons/List - iOS

How To Turn Two Pages In Landscape Orientation

How To Download A PDF From The Book List View

How To Create Your Own Book Index For Your Custom Book

How To Share Your Custom Index With Other Users