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How To Scroll To The Next Page

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Beginning with iGigBook 10.1 instead of the next page of a score immediately appearing you can set it up to scroll up from the bottom so that you can see the last measures of the current page and the beginning measures of the next page at the same time, as the next page scrolls into place. This functionality allows you to initiate a page turn at least 4 bars prior to the end of the music on the page. This functionality is controlled by the built in metronome and here's how you set that up.

ScrollingSetup.png (186.55 KiB) Viewed 2375 times
1. Make a note of the tempo and the number of beats per measure for the page you are viewing in particular the last 4 - 8 bars.
2. Enter the TEMPO and BEATS and enable SCROLL.
3. Select the save icon at the top right of the metronome to save these settings for the current page.

Once you have set up the metronome for this page, taping at the bottom of the screen or triggering a page turn using iGigBook Pager or a Bluetooth foot pedal, will cause the next page to scroll into view at a rate consistent with the tempo and beats per measure that you have selected. You can control the speed of the scroll by adjusting the TEMPO and/or BEATS. If you need slower scrolling reduce the TEMPO or increase then number of BEATS, if you need faster scrolling increase the TEMPO or reduce the number of BEATS but always keep in mind that the tempo and beats should reflect the tempo and beats governing the last measures of the page you are viewing.

Every page can have its own metronome setting and any page that doesn't have a setting uses the metronome settings of the last page that had one. As an example, if you create metronome settings for page 1 of a score and enable scrolling, every page turn will result in scrolling. If you need scrolling for just one page, you will need to add a metronome setting for the second page with scrolling disabled. Scrolling can be turned on or off at any time by accessing the metronome and setting the SCROLL switch.

This feature works with the metronome off and with the metronome on.

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