D.C., D.S., Coda, Sign, Repeats

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D.C., D.S., Coda, Sign, Repeats

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When you view a chart or score from your set list you have access to a menu option that allows you to indicate the page where D.C., D.C. al Coda, D.S., D.S. al Coda, Coda, Sign, Begin Repeat and End Repeat occur in your score.
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To set the page number for one of the score navigation marks mentioned, select the "Sign" icon to display the Score Navigation menu. Press and hold for 2 seconds the navigation item that occurs on the current page and repeat this process for other navigation items in your score. A typical scenario is as follows using a 4 page score as an example;

Page 1 of the score has a "to Coda" and a "Sign"
Page 2 has no markings
Page 3 has no markings
Page 4 has a "D.S. al Coda" and the "Coda"

For page 1 you would press and hold "to Coda" and also "Sign" which tells iGigBook that these items are on page 1 of your score.

For page 4 you would press and hold ""D.S. al Coda" and also "Coda".

To clear the page assignments, press once to select the item and jump to it's page (Apply Navigation must be set to "On") and then press and hold that item to clear it. To assign a different page to the item, navigate to the page and then press and hold the item to assign it to the current page.

When using the Score Navigation feature it's always a good idea to back out to the Set List view and then select the item again so that you begin at the initial state. As you advance forward in the score by tapping the the lower portion of the screen, iGigBook evaluates the settings you have made and automatically jumps to the page indicated by the directives that you have set. For the above 4 page example above this is what will occur:

Starting with page one, tap the bottom of the screen to advance to page 2.
Tap again to advance to page 3.
Tap again to advance to page 4.
Tap again to return to page 1 where the Sign is, because there is a D.S. al Coda on page 4.
Tap again to advance to page 4 where the Coda is, because the to Coda is on page 1.

Note that if you have a begin and end repeat on the same page, there is no need to use this feature as it is for situations where you need to jump from one page to another continuously.

Begin Repeat and End Repeat loop between the Begin Repeat page and the End Repeat page continuously, if you want a single repeat use DC or DS.

If you're using iGigBook Pager or bluetooth keyboard device to turn pages you will get the same chart navigation behavior.

You can disable navigation for the current chart or score at any time by activating the Chart Navigation menu and setting Apply Navigation to Off.