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IGigBook Mobile

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The ultimate pocket sized song reference for Musicians, Music Students and Educators. iGigBook provides indexes for over 30 different fake books giving you the ability to quickly search for songs. It allows you to load PDF versions of popular fake books on to your iPhone or iPod Touch for quick and easy reference. You can find out which book a song is in, which page a song is on and most importantly, you can *view the page of the book on your device.

Take a look at the features:

* External monitor support - View two pages side by side using an external monitor.

* True full page display of your sheet music - No menu bars, footers, status bars, just the sheet music.

* Set List Manager - Create sets, arrange items in set, add or remove items from the set.

* Set List Viewer - Display items in set to quickly access what you will perform.

* Set List Notes - Indicate gig details, performance notes, band member info, directions and more.

* Share Set Lists - Email Set List to band members.

* PDF Book Builder - Create a PDF book from items in your Set List.

* Automatic Bookmarks - Over 40 popular Jazz Fake Books and Real Books indexed and bookmarked for you.

* Manual Bookmarks - Easily book mark any page or group of pages in a larger score and place that item in a set list.

* Organize individual scores - Convenient ** My Scores ** section allows you to easily search for all of your un-indexed scores.

* Support for popular music books - Just add your book and search it by song or composer.

* Song Title Search - Find the song you want no matter which of your books it's located in, in just seconds!

* Composer Search - Looking for all of the tunes by Antonio Carlos Jobim? iGigBook Mobile finds all of the songs in all of the books so that you can pick the best representation and arrangement that you have.

* Zoom In - We the know the iPhone is small so we included a zoom feature so that you can shed that two bar phrase anywhere.

* iGigBook Mobile does not provide any PDF content, you the user must provide your own PDF content.
iGigBook - It's what the pros use.
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