Saving Setlists

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Saving Setlists

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Is there a way that I can save my setlists to a separate location on my computer and reload them so that I don't have to rebuild them every time I experience a crash?

While I love the app, there have been headaches in dealing with glitches and whatnot.

I also had to get my iPad replaced after it got damaged on a flight.

The issue that came up was once I got my new iPad and reloaded the iGigbook app, I had to start all over again and recreate my set lists.

Lately I've been having trouble with the app so I've been deleting it and reinstalling it. Each time I do so, I have to recreate my set lists manually. I'd love to be able to just reload them from a file saved elsewhere.

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Re: Saving Setlists

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When you uninstall you should always save the contents of the iGigBook Documents folder to your computer. Here is the

How To topic, How To Add A PDF Score/Book To iGigBook:


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