Adding a cover page to an existing indexed book

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Adding a cover page to an existing indexed book

Post by misteva »

I have decided to change the UI of the Book List from "Text" to "Icons", activating the relevant switch in the iGigBook: "Show Book List as Icons".
I like it, but some books miss the cover page, therefore I had to create one for each book to be fixed.
I have already replaced the old pdf (missing the cover page) with new ones (with the cover page), but It looks like iGigBook is ignoring the page that I have just added on top of each pdf. It keeps showing the first page of the old file.
I have tried several things (login/logout, resync, Ipad on/off, etc), but no changes at all.

I have several indexed books missing the cover page, any idea on the right procedure to follow to fix them all and see nice icons in the Book List View?

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Re: Adding a cover page to an existing indexed book

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These thumbnails are in temporary cache storage. To get the cache cleared you would need to load up a bunch of applications while iGigBook is suspended and eventually it will happen. Sorry there's no specific method available to clear the thumbnails other than uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it. Of course you would back up the iGigBook Documents folder first and restore it prior to running the reinstalled app.
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