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Registration And PDFs

Post by Dizzytalk »

I am trying to register and it's just frozen. It says at the top logged in as ??? When I try to type it's frozen. I found this on a Google search but when I looked at the forum the question wasn't there anymore. I find it very hard to get in touch with anybody. I clicked on the board administrator link and it said the page has been disabled.

I'm also trying desperately to find PDFs of the templates and can't find them anywhere except the one you all offer and one other one. Where can I find these?

Thank you

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Phil Smith
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Re: Registration And PDFs

Post by Phil Smith »

It looks like you are already registered. If you see Logged In As (???) in the app, select Guest Mode and return to the Registration/Login screen and enter your credentials. Don’t remember what your credentials are? Use the Lost Password feature at
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