Getting indexes for Bb real books

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Getting indexes for Bb real books

Post by Trmptdoc »

I have a recent version of igigbook and after I loaded my pdfs, only the C books showed up. My friend has an earlier version and he can access all the books. Where are the Bb indexes on the new version? Is there a way I can add them to my program? It seems that the old version is better than the new version (I am a trumpet player and really would like to access the Bb charts !)


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Re: Getting indexes for Bb real books

Post by Phil Smith »

Bb and Eb indexes are only available for those books where the books are different such as the New Real Books. Check the How To section of this forum on how to use a single index for C, Bb, Eb and bass clef books. viewtopic.php?f=22&t=408

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