Deleting Pages from a PDF with Notes?

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Deleting Pages from a PDF with Notes?

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I saw the comment:
"The PDF editing features are accessible by selecting the minus sign or the plus sign indicated by the arrows below. This feature is best used prior to manipulating a PDF. If you have added notes, drawings, metronome settings or midi settings, the PDF editing features will not be available for that PDF."
In my case, I have edits that I don't want to lose, but I do have a few pages at the end of the PDF that I would like to delete because I included them in error. I have NOT done any annotations on those pages.

I'm guessing I could use that Set Sharing feature which includes notes on exported PDFs and then reimport the annotated PDF after I lop off the trailing pages using Preview on the Mac. The problem is that the PDF is an extremely low quality scan to start with. Will the Export/Import process re-render the PDF in a way that may lower the quality? If so, it won't be worth it for me to go that route.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Deleting Pages from a PDF with Notes?

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If you want to delete pages on the end, you can import another copy of the same PDF which will create a backup copy with the date added to the name. That file you will be able to edit and then rename to original name.
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