AirPrint from mobile iGigBook app unusable

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AirPrint from mobile iGigBook app unusable

Post by cwelles »

(iGigBook is a very useful app - kudos to the developer(s) a wonderful piece of software.)

Printing to AirPrint directly from the iGigBook app on IOS is unusable, because it results in a small fraction of each page blown up (rather each entire page sized to fit the paper). To reproduce the issue:

1. In Gig Set View, press and hold a tune title.
2. Select Print from the export options.
3. From the system print dialog, select paper size, etc. - or take the defaults. (It makes no difference)

The result is a portion (a quarter?) of each PDF page blown up to to fill the paper. The same issue occurs if an entire Gig Set List is exported as a PDF file, if it is exported directly to AirPrint.

The workaround is to export the tune or tunes from the set list to another IOS app, and then print the page(s) from that app. The pages are printed at proper magnification, sized to fit the whole page. (The app I have used is GoodReader, but I suspect any other PDF-friendly app such as the Kindle app or the iBooks app would serve.)

And yes, we are trying to move to a paperless society. I support this goal. But sometimes the person I want to share (a) tune(s) with doesn’t have a device, and paper is the best sharing medium.

I have reproduced this issue from multiple IOS devices running the latest version of IOS and iGigBook. My AirPrint server is a Synology router; I have also seen the issue printing from iGigBook to a Synology NAS running an AirPrint server; and printing from iGigBook to a MacOS HandyPrint app running an AirPrint server. I haven’t tried to reproduce the issue printing to a native AirPrint printer; perhaps those implementations of AirPrint are more forgiving in the interaction with iGigBook’s export function.

I’d be interested to hear if other users of iGigBook and AirPrint have experienced this issue.
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Re: AirPrint from mobile iGigBook app unusable

Post by Phil Smith »

Once you press and hold the item in the Gig Set view we generate a PDF for that entry from that point on the iOS system processes that PDF. The iOS system allows you to select multiple options to process that PDF which includes AirPrint. The point here is that we don't create a specific document for AirPrint, Cloud Storage Provider, etc and so cannot address a AirPrint specific issue because we have no control over what AirPrint does. We don't interact with AirPrint directly. It looks like you have found a work around and you can also just save the item to Files an try AirPrint from there which may or may not result in the same result.
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