Free? / Problems on an iPhone 14

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Free? / Problems on an iPhone 14

Post by BobG56 »

Went to download Pager thinking it was free based on info on But if I recall correcctly I was charged.

On my iPhone 14, "Configuration" at the top of the screen is mostly obliterated. I have a photo but it's too large to attach here. Only from a screenshot (also too large to attach here) do I know that the text at the top of the screen is supposed to say Configuration.

Also, "Done" and "Help" are not working for me. If I tap Done many, MANY times eventually it wil flip to the Next/Prev (and settings) page. And then it takes many, MANY taps on the settings icon to get it to swiitch back to the Configuration page.

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Re: Free? / Problems on an iPhone 14

Post by Phil Smith »

We will take a look at this. To get to the configuration screen you can also press both large buttons (Prev Page / Next Page)at the same time.
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