Hal Leonard Books and iTunes

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Hal Leonard Books and iTunes

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Hello, I have iGigBook on an old ipad 1, and yesterday bought an Air 2. I managed to get the app showing on the new ipad, but none of the books, outside of the default sampler and cello suites, are on the new ipad. Even tried cloud with no success. Nothing. Maybe it is because I have different versions on each ipad? But, I do not really care, as I am interested in getting the Hal Leonard Real Book Cd-ROMs content working in this app as well as the download from New Realbook from Sher. I would be happy with these newer books vs. the extended, older collection.

So far, I was able to get the contents of the CD-ROM to show, but what do I do next? My options on my laptop were (1) create a shortcut (great, now I have 400 shortcuts on my desktop ), try to save in documents (it will not save), (2) send to zip file, and some disc creator options, as well as no option to save in itunes.\, even though itunes is open. THe system is calling it an Acrobat document, so that is probably my default pdf reader. Even with itunes open on my laptop showing it is connected to the ipad, I am clueless how the file gets on itunes. Somehow in the past I figured out the itunes to igigbook connection using the codes, but there is nowhere to go with the contents of the CD-Rom being displayed. The problem is how to get the contents of the CD-ROM in iTunes.

Also, instructions somewhere on this site for the Hal Leonard CD-ROMs, and when I find them, I need to know whether or not I am also supposed to open itunes on my ipad, as well as laptop.

Any assistance appreciated.

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Re: Hal Leonard Books and iTunes

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Here's a link to the topic How To Add A PDF Book/Score To iGigBook

What you want to do is connect the old iPad to your computer and use iTunes to copy all of content for iGigBook to your computer. Once you've done that you can copy that content to your iPad Air. You should be doing this periodically, meaning copying the content from iGigBook to your computer as a backup.

Here's the comprehensive How To for the Hal Leonard CD ROMs
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