How To Use The Gig Set View

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How To Use The Gig Set View

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Select the 3rd or 4th tab at the bottom to navigate to the Gig Set View. To select a set tap the first icon at the top left (iOS) or the first icon at the top right(Android) to display a list of your sets. Select a set from the list to display its contents. While viewing a set you can swipe left to view the next set in the list or right to view the previous set in the list.

Emailing Sets: Select the mail icon to email your set list to another musician or iGigBook user. You have the option of including a PDF of the music in the set or a set list file that can be opened in iGigBook.

Exporting Sets: Select the export icon to send your set list via the various export destinations available to you via the operating system of your tablet. You can export to other apps, email, printers, AirDrop, etc. Beginning with version 10.4, three options are available.
  • Music as single PDF - All of the songs in the set are combined into a single PDF for export. Use this option when the set list consists of a mix of items from indexed books and My Scores.
  • Music as multiple PDFs - Only songs that are from My Scores are exported as individual files, no songs from indexed books are exported. Use this option when the set list consists of items from My Scores only.
  • Set List File - No songs are exported, just the set list file. Use this option when the set list consists of items from indexed books only.
Set Notes: Select the note icon (paper clip) to add details such as songs to pay particular attention to, address of the gig, etc for the set.

iOS Features:
  • Press and hold any item in your set list to export that item.
  • Search functions like the Song Title search giving priority to items in your set list.

How To Use The Set List Manager