How To Use The Metronome - iPad Only

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How To Use The Metronome - iPad Only

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iGigBook for the iPad has a full featured metronome available whenever you view a PDF page. To override default metronome settings you can save metronome settings for the current page that you are viewing by pressing the icon at the top right of the metronome. You can remove the settings for a page by pressing the icon at the top left of the metronome.

Metronome settings are saved whenever you exit a page and become the new default settings for the metronome. Beginning with version 10.2, you can turn off this behavior using the Settings App, by disabling "Save Settings On Page Exit" which is enabled by default.

The metronome is disabled by default, to use the Metronome you must enable it by using the Settings App.


Metronome Options
  • Tempo - Adjust tempo by tapping the -/+ buttons or enter a tempo number.
  • Beats - Select the number of beats per measure by tapping the -/+ buttons or enter the number of beats. 4 beats per measure = 4/4, 3 beat per measure = 3/4, etc. The down beat has a different tone than other beats.
  • Number of Bars - Select the number of bars for the metronome to beat before stopping by tapping the -/+ buttons or enter the number of bars. You can use this option to create a "count off" or "lead in" to set the tempo prior to playing. You can also use this option along with Next Page to trigger a page turn after the number of bars has been reached.
  • Rhythm - Select the desired rhythm for each beat, each button indicates the type of rhythm played. Choose quarter notes, eight notes, eight note triplets, sixteenth notes, etc.
  • Mute - Enable to silence the metronome but keep it running.
  • Visible - When enabled, a black bar progresses across the top of the screen based on the beats per measure you have selected.
  • Auto On - When enabled the metronome automatically starts when the PDF page appears.
  • Next Page - When enabled and the number of bars has been reached a page turn is signaled.
  • Scroll - When enabled, allows scrolling of the next page in a score. How To Scroll To The Next Page
  • Tap Tempo - Tap to set the tempo.
  • Start - Starts and stops the metronome.
Not hearing sound from the metronome? Check your volume setting and also check the mute button in Control Center that swipes up from the bottom of the screen or that swipes down from the top right corner of the screen.