Moving from old to replacement iPad URGENT

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Moving from old to replacement iPad URGENT

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I'm trying to install iGigBook on a replacement iPad that Apple sent me when the audio jack on my current iPad failed. While all other purchased apps install perfectly from the App Store, iGigBook hangs. On the first attempt, the progress dial showed about a third complete and stopped. On trying again, the progress dial shows only the dread initial dot with no movement.

This is EXTREMELY disappointing because iGigBook is the initial reason I bought an iPad, plus I need it for a gig in less than 24 hours. A deadline is also looming to return the defective iPad to release a $477 hold on my credit card!!!!

Perhaps the installation isn't happening because your app knows it still exists on the defective iPad. Whatever the case, I need help pronto!!

Also, am I correct in assuming that I'll need to install all the books from my iMac onto the replacement iPad? If the app itself is problematic, its data is probably worse off.

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Re: Moving from old to replacement iPad URGENT

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We can’t help you with the install process or anything having to do with the App Store or the App Store app, you have to contact Apple for that, only they, can help you with those issues.

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