How To Import Photos Into iGigBook - iPad Only

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How To Import Photos Into iGigBook - iPad Only

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Ever have a situation on a gig or rehearsal where a person has a paper copy of a chart that you do not have? You can use the camera on your iPad to take a photo of the chart and import it into iGigBook as a PDF file that you can access via the My Scores view.

Step 1: Select the photo or photos that you want to import into iGigBook and select the share icon indicated by the red arrow.

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Step 2: Scroll down and select "Add to iGigBook"

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Step 3: Select import at the top right to bring the photo into iGigBook. You must switch from the Photo app to iGigBook to view the imported photo in the My Scores View. The photo will have the same name but will be a PDF file. Photos use the following file naming convention: IMG_XXXX, where XXXX equals the photo number. In the My Scores view you will find photos you have imported under "I" and you can also find photos and PDF files that you have imported in "Recently Imported" by using the Set List Manager or Gig Set View. "Recently Imported" is a handy way to place multiple imported items into a set using the Set List Manager.

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