How To Use The Set List Sharing Feature

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How To Use The Set List Sharing Feature

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There are times when you want to make available a chart or group of charts to someone that has or does not have an iPad. You may be a band leader that has created a set for a gig and want to share that set list with the band or you may simply have an ad hoc need to send a single chart that you have in iGigBook to another musician. The set list sharing feature in iGigBook makes it easy to get music from your device to other people via email.

Note: To share your set list by email you will need to set up an email account on your device, this tutorial will not show you how to do that and assumes you have already done this.

First go to the Gig Set Viewer and select the set you wish to share:

GigSetViewSelection.png (370.6 KiB) Viewed 240 times

Next, select the mail icon located on the upper left of the screen to display the Share Set List pop up. Here you can decide whether or not you just want to send the set list or the set list and songs as a PDF attachment in the email. Keep in mind that if you do decide to include a PDF attachment all size restrictions set by your email provider and the recipients email provider will be in effect. This feature isn't designed to send a 100 page book to someone unless you can send that 100 page book by email as an attachment. If your set contains bookmarked entries from My Scores, make sure those entries have the correct number of pages indicated otherwise you can inadvertently attempt to send more pages than you want to.

GigSetViewOptions.png (310.25 KiB) Viewed 240 times
Finally once you select Yes to attach the PDF, you will see the mail dialog from your device. Here you can add your recipients and add any additional information to the email that you like prior to sending. If you selected the PDF option, you should see the attachment as an icon in the body of the email. If you're sending a single page of music, the page may render in the body of the email even though it is an attachment.

GigSetViewEmail.png (254.31 KiB) Viewed 240 times

That's all there is to it! The share set list function is a handy feature for creating a custom "gig book" and sending it to yourself or others to print or use on another device.

When you select NO to attach the PDF, iGigBook will attach a file that another iGigBook user can open and import into their Set List view.

Press and hold any item in your set list to export that item via email, "Open In", Air Print, etc.