iGigBook Version 8.4 For iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Pro

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iGigBook Version 8.4 For iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Pro

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Re: iGigBook Version 8.4 For iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Pro Now Available

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Hi Phil,

Love ver. 8.4! You seem to have got rid of bugs that were causing constant crashing, particularly when editing and specifically when adding musical symbols, e.g. clefs, notation, etc.

One thing I find annoying though: It's to do with measures (bars in UK). It's a pity you haven't included some that have no vertical lines in the editing box. If I want to create a longish measure, at the moment, that's impossible because altering the font size alters not only the width, but also the height of the measure, as you know.
But if in editing mode, you added two or three measures of different lengths without vertical lines,
I could choose the best length, add my own vertical lines and be a happy bunny!

Finally, any chance of including some 'joined up' eighth and sixteenth notes (quavers & semi quavers) in the editing box, say groups of 2,3 and 4, instead of or as well as the single ones already available? That would be SO useful!