How To Use The Cut And Paste Feature - iPad Only

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How To Use The Cut And Paste Feature - iPad Only

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If you've done any musical theater, there's always a situation where you need to pull a measure, a system, or multiple systems from one score and paste it into another score. iGigBook 10 adds a cut and paste feature that makes this easy to do. Initially you will need to create a clip and you do this by selecting the note icon followed by selecting the cut icon which looks like a pair of scissors. When you have not created any clips, you will be taken directly to the clip manager. If you have created clips, select the cut icon again to enter the clip manager.

CreateNamedClip1_S.png (126.4 KiB) Viewed 1164 times
Once in the clip manager, select the scissor icon which will display a selection box that you can move and size over the area of the score you would like to capture. Tapping the inside of the selection box allows you to name the clip and save it. Once saved the selection box is cleared making it easier for you to capture the next clip.

CreateNamedClip2_S.png (99.42 KiB) Viewed 1164 times
This last screen is the result of creating 3 clips from 3 different pages of music.
To delete a clip, select the red circle with the minus sign to the left of the clip name.
To rename a clip, press and hold the name of the clip in the list.

CreateNamedClip3_S.png (153.04 KiB) Viewed 1164 times
Once you have created clips using the Clip Manager, you can add those clips to any score by selecting the note icon followed by selecting the scissor icon if a different note style is active. How To Create A PDF

SelectClip1_S.png (48.67 KiB) Viewed 1164 times
You can place multiple clips on a score by selecting them from the list.

SelectClip2_S.png (61.01 KiB) Viewed 1164 times
Once the clips have been placed on the score you can position them where you desire. To remove a clip from the score, tap inside the the clip and select "YES" to remove it.

SelectClip3_S.png (85.42 KiB) Viewed 1164 times
Take a look at the feature in action: