How To Use iGigBook Indexes

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How To Use iGigBook Indexes

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Make sure your device has downloaded the indexes from the server, if you only have 4 items in the Book List View it's likely you did not sync with the server. The screen below shows you where the sync button is located on the Book List View.

BookListViewArrow.png (211.87 KiB) Viewed 20834 times
Do not continually press the sync button to pull down the same data as there are measures in place that will lock you out from syncing if excessive sync activity is detected on the server from your login.

Check the book list by clicking here, to see if your book is already indexed.

If you have the ability to download the PDF directly from the internet, you can use the direct download feature described here:

If you do not have the ability to download your PDF directly from the internet follow the directions below:

The easy way to link a PDF to an index:
Index Linking 101

The slightly less easy way to link a PDF to an index:

Be sure to name the file with the book code that matches the book title before copying it to your device.

Example: "Classic Real Book" has a book code of crealbk1, which means you would name your book crealbk1.pdf and transfer it to your device.

Use iTunes to copy the book to your device. (see the "Adding your PDF score or book to iGigBook" section above.)

Once the files are loaded onto your device, they will be automatically recognized and indexed by iGigBook provided that they are named correctly.

* Indexed books i.e. items renamed as described above DO NOT appear in the My Scores view once the My Scores view has been refreshed.

If you receive the following pop up message when you attempt to access a song from the list of songs, it means that you either didn't copy the book to your device or if you did copy it to your device you did not name it correctly. In this example iGigBook is looking for the file "bluesfb.pdf" not "BLUESFB.PDF", not "BluesFB.pdf", but "bluesfb.pdf".
BookNotFound.JPG (24.32 KiB) Viewed 35764 times
To view the list of fake books and their book codes, click here.

Check out the "Six Easy Steps To iGigBook Success": here.

If you have a problem getting an index to match your book, check out "How To Adjust An Index To Fit Your Book": here