How To Create Your Own Book Index For Your Custom Book

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How To Create Your Own Book Index For Your Custom Book

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If the book you want to access is listed HERE, see the "To take advantage of built in iGigBook indexes" section.

If your custom book will for the most part consist of songs already in various books, you may want to create and use a set list instead. Use the set list manager to build up the set and/or a combination of the Book View and Song Title Search View to locate the songs you want to include.

If your book isn't listed but is a popular book, go to and check the books listed in "My Book Settings". The index you want may be available but may not be marked as active. Keep in mind that there are multiple pages of entries in "My Book Settings", so be sure to page through all of them for a thorough check. If the book index you seek is listed in "My Book Settings" and the active flag is unchecked, check it's active flag and sync.

How To Create Your Own Book Index For Your Custom Book:

Go to and log in using the email address or user name and password that you registered with from your device.

Select "My Books" and then "Add New".

Enter the title of book as you would like to see it in Book View. Enter the number of song entries you would like to have for the book that you're adding. Despite the number you enter here only a single song entry will be created pointing to the first page of the book. Lastly, enter a 10 character book code, this code is what iGigBook will use to link your newly created book entry to the actual PDF book that you load onto the device.

Once you've created the book entry, you can now create the song entries for the index by selecting "Song Titles" from the menu and then selecting "Add New". Enter the Song Title, Composer, Page Number, select the Book Index and enter the number of Pages for the song and select "Add" to add it to your custom book. Repeat this process to complete the index.

If you receive the following pop up message when you attempt to access a song from your newly created index, it means that you either didn't copy the book to your device or if you did copy it to your device you did not name it correctly. In this example iGigBook is looking for the file "bluesfb.pdf" not "BLUESFB.PDF", not "BluesFB.pdf", but "bluesfb.pdf".

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Select the Sync button at the top right of the Book List view to pull your custom index down to your device.
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